Steps to Quickly Sell a House in a Bad Market

Kai Leibermann asked: This is possibly one of the worst times to sell a house in the past 20 years. Don’t let it put you off! You can still get good money for the home that you love, without dropping to ridiculous prices. All it takes is a unique approach to the market, and working a bit harder than what you normally would… Oh, and forget about getting a real estate agent to help you, they’re having a tough time as it is! Step 1 The first step is to make a confident decision as to what your property is worth. How much did you pay for it and when? How much do you love it? Do not consider underselling it, since you know exactly what a great house it is. If you feel confident and secure in the figure you want, you’ve successfully made the first step. You’re NOT going under this price! Step 2 You’re going to do a mass public showing, but you need as many people to turn up as possible. It is essential that you place an effective advertisement in the paper and on the internet to reach the most buyers. I’m not talking about the standard “great place, family home, love it, $200,000 or nearest offer” kind of thing, I’m talking about something unique. Step 3 Presentation is the key. Your open house mass showing needs to impress enough to give the impression that your property is worth more than what the market would normally think. You’ve already got heaps of people showing up because of your great ad, which makes it look like there is massive competition, now you need to make the place look snazzy. Clean it like you’ve never cleaned, and dress it up like never before. Think outside the box and you’ll be surprised! Selling A House?

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Thinking about Selling your home, if this is your First sale, or you have sold several properties before, we are here to help you by provide Information that every home seller needs to know before you decide to sell your home! Az Realty Results


Thinking about Investing in Real Estate? If this is your first property or you have made several purchases, we are here to help you by providing Information that every real estate investor needs to know before you decide to start your investing! Az Realty Results