Bank Foreclosure List – Where Can I Find a List of Properties That I Can Invest In?

James Ferris asked: The current real estate market is making life difficult for a lot of homeowners. Foreclosures are at record highs and many homeowners are struggling to keep up with their bills. If you’re looking to buy a home right now or if you are a real estate investor, there is no better time to buy. Finding foreclosed properties is a good way to get a substantial discount on your investments because banks and other lending institutions do not want to be in the real estate business, they are in the business of making loans. So how does one go about finding these great investments, is there a bank foreclosure list that investors have access to? There are a number of different ways of finding foreclosures to invest in. One way is to simply go to a real estate agent. A lot of banks have relationships with real estate brokers who list all of their properties in a certain area. A good real estate agent can find a lot of foreclosure properties for you. Another way to find a list of foreclosed properties that you can invest in is to search your county records. Foreclosures and even pre-foreclosures are a matter of public record, so you can go to your county clerks or recorder’s office to research investment opportunities. Going through county records and researching properties yourself is extremely time-consuming and although a good real estate agent can find a lot of foreclosures no one person will have a list of all the foreclosed properties in your area. Different banks and lenders list their properties with different real estate offices so going to a real estate agent will allow you to find just some of these opportunities. The best and most efficient way to find a bank foreclosure list is to use a service that does this type of research for you. There are inexpensive services available that compile not only bank foreclosure lists but also government foreclosures from the VA, HUD, even the IRS. For a small fee, these services will provide you with a huge list of foreclosures in your area and the best chance at finding a fantastic bargain. Scottsdale Real Estate Market

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