Prevent Foreclosure in a Recovering Economy

Max Laur asked: Even though the economy is still very sick, there is light at the end of the tunnel, which makes it a lot easier to prevent foreclosure of your property. As house buyers regain confidence, you should be able to get a decent price for your home if you use the right sales strategy. This article shows you how. Smart Property Pricing In times of financial growth home sellers hold the power in the housing market. Since the financial collapse, this power has shifted quickly to buyers, but as the economy recovers this power is pushed back to the middle ground. To sell your house fast and prevent foreclosure, you need to ask for the right amount of money. The smartest price can be discovered using the following method: 1) Find a regarded, third-party (i.e. non-bank) house valuer to go through your home. 2) Make sure that you’re on-site when the valuer inspects your property. You’ll need to pay them a fee, so get your money’s worth by asking as many questions as possible. Ask what things you can do to boost the value of your home. 3) Inspect other homes in your area, and try to find out what kind of offers they’re getting. The idea is to get as much “insider” information as possible. It should take less than a week to collect all of this info and sketch it down into a notepad. Your asking price should generally be on the low side. Don’t be afraid to ask below market value. You don’t need to take low offers, but pricing low will encourage young buyers eager to snatch up (what they perceive to be) a bargain. Tweak Your Property There are literally hundreds of tweaks you can give your property that will boost it’s perceived retail value. In this day and age it is the garden, bathroom, and kitchen that holds the most value. Consider things like: - Light fixtures. - Damaged windows and tiles. - Garden beds and grass health. - “Green” things like solar panels and small wind mill (these are real value boosters). - If you’ve got a pool, buy a solar pool heating mat and keep it on display throughout inspections. Get Advise from a Scottsdale Realtor

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