Home Appraisal Tips – Several Great Tips To Know Before Getting Your Home Value

Max Suther asked: Having your home appraised is one of the most important things you will ever do as a home owner. A professional home appraisal will give you the best idea of what your home is worth and it is from this appraisal that many financial decisions will be made including how much you should sell your home for, if you ever decide to move. That being said, the day of the appraisal is most likely going to be stressful both for you and your appraiser. Here are some tips to keep things running smoothly. 1. Make sure that your home is tidy, clean and up to date on its maintenance. “We’re going to fix that leaky faucet tomorrow” isn’t worth as much to the appraiser as it actually leaking while she is there. You should also do your best to clear away the knick knacks and other clutter. Your appraiser is there to get an idea of the shape your home is in, not your decorating style. This isn’t to say your home should be bare, but clean and orderly. 2. You will want to accompany your appraiser through the house so that you can answer any questions she might have. This can be awkward for both of you, so do your best to be friendly and kind, but to also stay out of your appraiser’s way. You don’t have to give a history of every wall she looks at, simply hang back but try to be nice if she asks you a question. You should also try to not second guess the work your appraiser is doing. Badgering her is only going to make her feel uncomfortable. This could lead to a rushed appraisal which could lead to the value of your home being lessened because she couldn’t take the time she needed to give an accurate report. 3. That being said, a friendly interjection to mention something that has been remodeled or rebuilt is never a bad idea. Appraisers like to know what is new and what has been fixed. It helps give them a more accurate picture of what your home is worth. Investing in Real Estate?

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