Five Crucial Tips to Sell Your House Quicker

Joseph Knuden asked: When selling a home, you must make the house as easy for the new buyers to move in as possible. Nobody wants massive work to do unless the price matches the amount of work needed. But everyone wants the most for the money. Here are five tips you must implement to sell your house quicker. First, do your due diligence. Make sure you advertise your house with signs and ads that are legible and simple to read. Place your street name and contact information in plain site that is easy to read. Second, price your home according to the market not what you think in your head that it is worth. Houses have an emotional connection to the owner and all the fixes, patches, and add-ons made do not reflect what you can get in the market. You must research at least 5-10 recent home sales in your area. Pricing is up to you but to sell faster it is a good idea to price it just under other selling prices. Third, Maximize curb appeal. You only have one shot to make that first impression. When someone first sees your house, the initial reaction is made and formed in their mind. Make the house inviting, warm and friendly. Plant flowers, and put decorations outside. Sweep up and clean any debris or out of place items. Bake some cookies or burn candles to make it warm inside and sweet selling. Fourth, Rid you home of clutter and paint neutral colors. Nothing stops potential sales more than excess clutter. Rent a storage unit or get a dumpster for the excess items. Paint is such an important technique when selling a house. No loud colors are needed. Try repainting neutral colors. Stage furniture to give the most warm and comfortable setup. Fifth, Learn how to negotiate and know who is on your side and who is on buyers side. Not everyone will have your best interests in mind. Who really works for you? The agent you hire to sell your house is working for your money or commission. The buyer’s agent is as well so use them both to get the sale. Read books and articles on sales techniques and how to use words to make this a positive and hopefully financial windfall. Website content

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