How to Sell a Home on Your Own

Binny Satin asked: Introduction You are about to move but cannot because you have a home. We will show you how to sell it yourself and save the commission. These days, when the market is on its way down, every penny that you save counts, so sell your home yourself. Instructions: Difficulty Moderate Things you will need • Sale forms • All Disclosure forms • A Sign • A Buyer • A Home Inspector • A Termite Inspector • A Home to Sell Step 1 Buy a sign from your local sign store and get your phone number printed on it. It can be your home number if you stay at home, or your cell number. The reason it is important to print it is that you may be able to read what you have written, but it may be confusing to others. Step 2 Before putting up the sign get the home ready for sale by cleaning it out. If you have excess furniture consider getting a storage, as that is worth it. Your home should look neat and clean to buyers. Step 3 Do not change the carpet as everyone has different tastes. Offer a carpet allowance instead if you did plan to change it. If required you might have to change some bathroom fixtures. The floors in the bathroom and kitchen can be left with the carpets. Step 4 Get an inspection done on the property. At least it will tell you what a buyer may ask for. Get the things fixed before you offer it for sale. This way the buyers will get a clean report when their man comes in to inspect. Do the same with termites, a termite inspection is good for 6 months. Step 5 When all this is done put the sign up, and hold the house open. At that point you can decide if you want to deal with buyer’s agents or not. On one side it opens up the market but on the other hand you have to give a commission. Say you decided against dealing with agents at all. Step 6 People coming through your home may be buyers or just nosey neighbors. What you have to be careful about are people who come to scope the house for robbery. Therefore do not leave valuable things lying around. Step 7 When you find an interested buyer make sure they fill the forms out completely and get all the disclosures for your area. Consult an attorney if you have any questions. Since you have already completed the inspections, you have fewer things to worry about. Step 8 Open an escrow with a company which is reputable in your area, escrow has to abide by laws that restrict it. Stay in touch with the escrow agent to find out how things are going. When it comes nearer to close then make sure that everything you were supposed to do has been done. Step 9 When escrow closes, if it is in the contract, the seller has 3 days to move out and give possession. Make sure the house is cleaned and everything is in good shape, as a little diplomacy is better than a lawsuit. Step 10 Collect your check on the day your house closes and celebrate. Tips You should do the inspections and know what you are dealing with. Warnings If there is any problem, talk to an attorney as he or she can advise you on the correct steps. Selling A House?

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