Real Estate Short Sale – What You Need to Know About Real Estate Short Sales

Layla Tusko asked: When a home owner finds themselves in a position of failing to meet mortgage payments, there is an option that does not include foreclosing on the home. A short sale is a home sale where the lender is willing to accept less than the amount owed on the home. While some lenders do not offer short sales for the loans they have secured, and other lenders may choose a foreclosure as being more financially beneficial for the loaning party, others will allow a homeowner to enter into a short sale if all paperwork is filed properly and on time. The paperwork involved in setting a short sale in motion is the not so short part of the sale. For obtaining permission to begin the short sale process from a lender the homeowner will need the following documents. • Letter of Authorization. The letter of authorization will need to include the property address, the loan reference number provided by the lender, the name of the home owner or the person holding the loan, the date of the request, and the agents name and address. The agent may be a real estate agent or a lawyer dealing with the financial matters in the case. The letter of authorization will give the lender permission to speak to any outside parties listed in regards to the homes loan and the home loan status. • Preliminary net sheet. The preliminary net sheet is a financial document proving the amount of money you expect to receive from the sale of the home. The amount of the total sale, any fees, late charges, and real estate charges. The real estate firm handling the short sale will be able to address the preliminary net sheet. To ensure the approval of the short sale, the bottom line of the net sheet should show zero profits going to the seller of the home. • Letter of hardship. This is one of the most important documents the homeowner will provide to the lender. This letter should read as real and honest as possible. If there are extenuating circumstances surrounding the sale of the home or the loss of income leading up to the late mortgage payments, the lender will need to know these facts in detail. • Financial documentation. The lender will also need copies of all financial statements and proof of all income and debt. These statements will include assets, income, bank statements, credit card statements and any monetary statements available at the time of the short sale request. Financial statements that prove the homeowner is not in debt will cause the lender to instantly deny the short sale. • Purchase agreement. The lender will want the listing agreement and purchase agreement agreed upon by the seller of the home and the buyer of the home. The lender has the right to refuse any and all payments in association with the sale of the home that are not required by law. These may include inspections of the home and home protection plans, depending upon the laws of the state. A short sale will be highly followed by the lending institution. While this sale will certainly remove the burden of an over expensive mortgage from the homeowner, it will leave that homeowner in the hands of the lender. At any time during the short sale proceedings, the lender can choose to remove the authorization and simply foreclose on the home. Short Sales

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