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When you want a high end luxury home, there is no better place in the United State, than Scottsdale, Arizona. Scottsdale AZ homes for sale are some of the best luxury homes you will find anywhere in the world. There are currently 984 homes for sale in Scottsdale, Arizona, that are being offered for sale, at a price of 1 million dollars or more. We will consider any property that has an investment of 1 million dollars or more, to call it home, a luxury high end home, in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale luxury home

Scottsdale Luxury Offered At 15 Million

The home pictured above is the highest priced luxury home, being offered for sale in Scottsdale, as of the writing of this article. When it comes to finding, and purchasing a Scottsdale high end luxury home, you need the help and guidance, of a dedicated Scottsdale Realtor, to ensure that you are getting everything you want and need, and nothing you don’t. That is why we are your Scottsdale Realtors, here to help you with your purchase of a Scottsdale Luxury home.

You can find any property listed at Realtor.com, in the Scottsdale area, and contact the listing agent for that property if you wish. We would like to suggest that you would be better served by a Realtor that is representing you, and your interests only, and not a shared interest with the seller, and their agent. If you call the agent that has the property listed, can you ever be sure that you are getting the very best deal? We are here to be your Scottsdale Realtors of choice, contact us today, and let us show you how we can be of service.

There were a total of 396 Scottsdale Luxury Homes, that sold in the past 12 months. The lowest priced sale being 1 million, and the highest being sold for $8,497,500. The entry level home pictured below, was sold on 06/15/2009, for 1 million, as a short sale, and the home started at a listing price of $2,095,000, and was on the market for 291 days. The home featured, 5,741 Sq-Ft of luxury living space, 4 beds, 4 baths, 3 car garage, heated diving pool and spa, was sitting on 1.04 acres, and was just completed being built on 08/2008. This home sold for less than half, what was being asked for initially. Now you know why having the right representation, is the most important part of buying a Scottsdale Luxury Home.

Scottsdale luxury home

Sold for 1 Million on 06/15/2009

The highest priced Scottsdale Luxury home, that sold, is the home pictured below. This Scottsdale Luxury home sold on 02/20/2009, for a total of $8,497,500. The home features 11,700 sq-ft, 5 bedrooms, 9 baths, 4 car garage, a 1,100 sq-ft guest home, heated pool and spa, and sitting on a 3.25 acre lot.

Scottsdale luxury homes

Scottsdale Luxury Home sold on 02/20/2009 for $8,497,500

When it comes to real estate in Scottsdale, Arizona, we are going to be here providing you with all the information, and representation that you will need to make every real estate deal, the best it can be. We are just getting started with this article. There will be many more article, and a lot more information, still to come. You can always feel free to contact us today, we are always ready to be of service.

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