Selling Your House – Best Methods To Market Your Home

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It’s time to put your house on the market and you want it to sell fast. What’s the best way to get a reasonable offer quickly? Try these important selling tips by the nation’s leading home selling authorities:

Price It Right.You can’t sell your home if you can’t get people in to see it. Sure, it may be worth thousands more than others in your neighborhood, but if you price it, much higher than others on the market, no one will even show up to see why. Make sure your real estate agent checks to see what similar properties in your area are listed (and selling for) and price your home accordingly. And, if you can, list it a few thousand under the others in order to generate more traffic flow and interest. This strategy often results in several buyers eager to outbid each other (thus raising the selling price), in order to get it for themselves.

Fixer Up.

It isn’t usually necessary to do any major remodeling or repairs in order to sell a home, but you do need to be sure that everything is in sound working order. Have a hole in the screen door? Make sure it gets fixed. Be sure no faucets or toilets are leaking (they make a potential buyer think there are bigger, more expensive plumbing woes in their future); and be sure to replace old and tattered window coverings, switch plates and lights. These are simple and inexpensive fixes that can mean a lot when selling a home.

Clean, Clean, Clean.

Clutter and dirt have no place in a home that is for sale. Too much furniture and “stuff” lying around can make rooms look smaller. Make sure you put every non-essential piece of furniture and personal object into storage before opening up your home to potential buyers. Clean out cupboards, closets, and storage areas. Bring in a cleaning crew to get everything spick and span. An unkempt, unclean home makes buyer’s think that you’ve neglected all areas of your home and its maintenance.


Painting is a cheap and easy way to make a house look fresh and new. Neutral colors are best. Lightening a room can make it look and feel roomier.

Concentrate on Curb Appeal.

First impressions really do count when selling a home. Make sure that yours looks inviting from the outside. Keep the yard neatly landscaped. Add colorful plants and shrubs to make a home look cozier. Afresh coat of paint on the exterior can add a lot to a home’s curb appeal. Even if you can’t repaint the entire house, consider adding a fresh coat to the front door, porch and trim. A fresh seal coat on the driveway costs very little and can also make a home look well cared for.

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