The Business of the Short Sale Business

Bob Stovall asked:

One of the primary goals of the Association Of Real Estate Investment Professionals ( is to bring fresh new approaches to real estate investing from new voices with great new ideas.

There are a lot of seminars, courses and books on the subject of foreclosure and short sales. Many of them just rehash old ideas. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes an established idea or method presented in a new way will resonate with a new group of investors.

How to Build a $300,000 Pre-Foreclosure Business by Dean Edelson is one of those special products.

As Dean states in his sales letter, “This program DOES NOT teach you how to do short sales. This is a course on creating, implementing, growing, and organizing your business systems for… Maximum Efficiency, Maximum Productivity, & Maximum Profits.”

Don’t let anybody kid you. Short sales can be amazingly profitable, but they AREN’T easy! There are a LOT of moving parts. And experience has taught us that you can make a profit short selling houses and still not have a profitable business.

It all comes down to having specialized knowledge and building a system to handle the deals that will come your way. With a solid business system in place, the complexities of dealing with distressed homeowners, lenders and other lien holders, real estate agents who perform BPOs (Broker’s Price Opinions) for the bank and any other interested parties can quickly become overwhelming.

How to Build a $300,000 Pre-Foreclosure Business leads you through the process of setting up your business right the first time, or fixing any defects in your systems so you can be profitable from day one.

Dean is an expert in the business side of short sales and pre-foreclosure and set up his own systems to ensure success on every deal he sees through to completion.

Using Dean’s system, you could easily do multiple short sale deals in the time it now takes you to do one. What is that worth to you? In time, in money, in reduced stress?

And know the proper way to do things can save you dozens of hours of delays, phone calls and missed deals. Did you know that a simple mistake in presenting your short sale package to a lender could land your deal on the bottom of the loss mitigator’s pile – and they have VERY deep piles. Miss on this one and the clock could run out before you can finsih the deal – costing you time and money.

If you are in the short sale/pre-foreclosure business or are thinking about getting into it, you need to have How to Build a $300,000 Pre-Foreclosure Business and use it to set up you own system for handling multiple deals smoothly and efficiently.

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