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How to Sell a Home on Your Own

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Binny Satin asked: Introduction You are about to move but cannot because you have a home. We will show you how to sell it yourself and save the commission. These days, when the market is on its way down, every penny that you save counts, so sell your home yourself. Instructions: Difficulty Moderate Things you will need • Sale forms • All Disclosure forms • A Sign • A Buyer • A Home Inspector • A Termite Inspector • A Home to Sell Step 1 Buy a sign from your local sign store and get your phone number printed on it. It can be your home number if you stay at home, or your cell number. The reason it is important to print it is that you may be able to read what you have written, but it may be confusing to others. Step 2 Before putting up the sign get the home ready for sale by cleaning it out. If you have excess furniture consider getting a storage, as that is worth it. Your home should look neat and clean to buyers. Step 3 Do not change the carpet as everyone has different tastes. Offer a carpet allowance instead if you did plan to change it. If required you might have to change some bathroom fixtures. The floors in the bathroom and kitchen can be left with the carpets. Step 4 Get an inspection done on the property. At least it will tell you what a buyer may ask for. Get the things fixed before you offer it for sale. This way the buyers will get a clean report when their man comes in to inspect. Do the same with termites, a termite inspection is good for 6 months. Step 5 When all this is done put the sign up, and hold the house open. At that point you can decide if you want to deal with buyer’s agents or not. On one side it opens up the market but on the other hand you have to give a commission. Say you decided against dealing with agents at all. Step 6 People coming through your home may be buyers or just nosey neighbors. What you have to be careful about are people who come to scope the house for robbery. Therefore do not leave valuable things lying around. Step 7 When you find an interested buyer make sure they fill the forms out completely and get all the disclosures for your area. Consult an attorney if you have any questions. Since you have already completed the inspections, you have fewer things to worry about. Step 8 Open an escrow with a company which is reputable in your area, escrow has to abide by laws that restrict it. Stay in touch with the escrow agent to find out how things are going. When it comes nearer to close then make sure that everything you were supposed to do has been done. Step 9 When escrow closes, if it is in the contract, the seller has 3 days to move out and give possession. Make sure the house is cleaned and everything is in good shape, as a little diplomacy is better than a lawsuit. Step 10 Collect your check on the day your house closes and celebrate. Tips You should do the inspections and know what you are dealing with. Warnings If there is any problem, talk to an attorney as he or she can advise you on the correct steps. Selling A House?
Julie A Broad asked: You might think that the best way to sell your house in a slumping market is to price it low and then just get it listed on every website you can. But you may find, like many of my neighbors have, that is not enough. Most realtors and home sellers make the same mistake when it comes to creating the listings for these homes. Here’s the listing for one of the townhomes in my area: “Small complex located in the heart of Burnaby Heights. Rarely available beautiful corner unit at very desirable Red Brick Heights. Only two years old, this gorgeous three bedroom, 2 bathroom unit is 1375 square feet, also has a loft on the third floor. Oversized panoramic rooftop balcony with a beautiful view of the North Shore Mountains. Open plan with gourmet kitchen with real wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances with granite countertop and hardwood on the main floor. These high quality units do not last so be quick before it is gone. Low strata fee and well managed.” A copywriter skilled at their craft would never write like this. The best copywriters start their copy knowing what their prospect already feels about the product – in this case, the product is the house. And lately the real estate market has made many people feel scared. It’s also made others feel like there’s real opportunity. So it’s likely that many prospective purchasers’ desire for a home is being met with an even greater fear of what might happen to their investment if they buy one or a desire to capitalize on the market crash. If you have to sell your house, you need to acknowledge that fear or the desire to make money – not, as was done in the above example, try to create a fake sense of urgency. And you need to appeal to the positive emotions that might make someone want to buy a house even in troubled times. Beginning with the features of the house and trusting the prospect to respond positively to the fact that it’s only two years old, with a panoramic rooftop view and a gourmet kitchen, is what the competition is selling. Instead, think about the prospect and how he might feel about those features (how it feels to cook for your family in a great kitchen… and open the door to see the mountains in the morning… and know your money is safely invested in this high-quality/well-located home). Then carefully craft each part of your listing to support those emotions and benefits – with pictures, maps, and words, all directed to get those emotions working toward the sale of the home. I think that is exactly what an expert copywriter would do. And I bet that, in combination with the right price, would sell my neighbors’ houses. Caffeinated Content
Shaun Greer asked:

While main stream median states that nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce, the number is actually closer to 40%. In 2004, 37% of marriages ended in divorce and in 2005 that number increased to 38%.

States across the nation are experiencing an increase in divorce rates and at the same time reporting a decrease in marriages. Idaho is a perfect example of a state reporting these divorce and marriage statistics.

In 2004 Idaho reported 6,922 divorces, in 2005 that number raised to 7,126, then in 2006 the number of divorces in Idaho raised again to 7,500. During the same years (2004-2006) the number of marriages in Idaho decreased year after year. In 2004 there were 14,997 marriages, in 2005 that number decreased to 14,935, in 2006 the reported marriages dropped again to 14,811.

No matter what state you live in, if you are going through a divorce you should know you are not alone. While going through a divorce there are many decisions to make and none are easy. There are financial decisions, family decisions, asset decisions, and the list goes on.

Most likely the largest financial and asset decision you and your soon to be ex will make is what to do with your house. For most Americans their house is their larges asset and biggest investment.

There are basically two options to solve your house and divorce situation. One option is for one person to keep the home. The other option is to sell your house fast.

If one of you decides to keep your home it will require you to refinance your house and split the equity with your spouse. This solution is typically not the best choice because now there is only one income to pay the total mortgage payment instead of the combined two. Also, after refinancing your house the new mortgage payment will be higher.

The other option is to sell your house fast. There are basically three options you have to sell your house and only one of them solves your selling situation quickly.

Selling your house FSBO definitely will not sell your house fast. It will involve you cooperating with your soon to be ex and doing things together. You will have to keep paying all the mortgage payment, utility bills, etc. before your house sells, and you will have to deal with potential buyers.

Another not so easy option is to list your house with a real estate agent. This option also requires cooperation with your spouse. You still have to keep paying all of your house and utility bills. You have to have your home in excellent condition so potential buyers can walk through your home and see if they like it. Another negative aspect of listing your house is the large commission you will have to pay your real estate agent, if and when your house finally sells.

The best option to sell your house fast is to sell it to a local home buyer. Local real estate investors purchase many houses each month from people going through divorce. They are courteous to your selling situation and spouses do not have to deal with each other through out the transaction.

Lets face it, divorce is never an easy situation and is almost always a very emotional time. If you need to sell your house because you are going through a divorce, consider selling it to a local home buyer. They will solve your selling situation fast and be sensitive to your situation. You can sell your house fast and get on with your life.

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Get Ready For a Quick House Sale

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Jack Jaron asked:

Your family home is the most valuable financial asset under your possession. The sale of property should be the basis of a good return on one of the biggest investments in your life. Most people look at this asset as a safety net that bails them out of financial troubles. However, if you move too quickly then you can lose out on substantial gains that you may derive from a calculated sale of your property.

Quick House Sale Preparation

Life can be unpredictable and often we are faced with financial barriers which can only be overcome by selling off our prized assets. One of our biggest material assets can be the home that we own. Often the equity on the home can be liquidated quickly.

However, in order for you to make a good bargain it is always a great idea to assess the market value of property. This should not be done simply at a time when you are looking to sell your house and release the mortgage however you must continually practice analyzing the real estate market and trends prevalent in the industry.

This will allow you to capture an opportune time and sell off your property for the best price. It is really unfortunate if you’re unable to harness the full value of your property by moving too quickly and selling off without full information. Of course no one has the time to keep following real estate trends especially if you are busy with your employment and family life. This is where professional real estate brokers come into play.

If you’re looking for a quick property sale then you can take the advice of a reliable and professional broker who will guide you with the best strategy to meet your financial requirements. Apart from this since the broker does not charge you any commission they are motivated to get you the best price and get their commission from the buyer.

Reasons for Indulging In Quick Property Sale

Whether you want to stop repossession on your home or liquidate your material assets to stabilize your financial standing it is a good idea to utilize professional services of brokers to get the maximum value from your home.
If you are facing the charges of repossession then it is a good idea to sell and rent back your house. This will allow you to stay in the family home and actually stabilize your financial position. Apart from this you benefit from saving on moving costs and signing the lease that is more expensive for a new home.

Make sure your broker pays for evaluation and surveying your property by arranging a solicitor. Based on your financial position you can work with a broker to devise a time line which matches your requirements and allows you to ease off the financial burden. Some companies can even accommodate you by purchasing your home for a good price and then allowing you to repurchase it or buy back when you are financially stable. Unfortunately a divorce settlement or inability to repay your debts could be the reason that you want to let go of the property but it’s not necessary that you have to move out and lose it forever.

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Bruce Durrell asked: Many people believe that they can sell their house on their own without any help from a realtor. They believe they can save the money on the closing costs by selling their own house. This is especially true because the internet has allowed for a vast flow of information and is an endless resource. However while some are successful this is something that you may want to reconsider. There are many different reasons that you would want to use Parker realtors to help you sell your house. The first reason is the most important and that is time. It takes a lot of time and effort to sell a house. You may have no problem putting in the time and effort however you will encounter a lot of problems along your journey. Parker realtors have the knowledge and experience of the local Parker, CO market that will allow them to solve these snags in no time where you may spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. You will also save a lot of time rather than trying to research other local Parker properties and find out the best price for your house. The right realtor can help you find the right price for your home, not only at the local area level, but at the neighborhood level! Another important fact is the ever changing market conditions. Parker realtors are dealing with the market every day. They know how it has been going and they can see the trend of where it is going. By letting realtors handle your property you will not have to worry about the average dollar per square foot, mean selling prices, and comparisons of how much properties sold for versus how much they were listed for. Another big project and time consuming effort will be to get your house noticed. You will have to create connections and spend the time, effort, and sometimes money to list your property. If people don’t know your property exists then you won’t sell it. Parker Realtors have many different avenues that they use for networking. They have different agencies, websites, and sometimes word of mouth connections that they use to sell a house. Without all of these tools your house may stay on the market for a long time as no one will know it’s there. The bottom line is don’t go with any Colorado real estate agent, but find one that knows Parker since it has its own unique factors. Finally you would have to deal with negotiating and taxes. Negotiating can be a problem for some people that will cause them to lose a sale because they won’t go below their set price. Parker realtors can negotiate using a more professional aspect and can present their offers with the client’s best interest in mind. You also won’t have to deal with the taxing authorities and other bureaucracies during your sale. They will often want information before, during, and after you sell your home. There’s a lot of legal work that’s involved in Colorado with selling a house that you may not want to deal with. Overall Parker represents a relatively large area, so Parker realtors stay in business due to referrals. Therefore they want to keep their clients happy and referring people. To save yourself time and effort you will definitely want to consider selling your house through a specialized realtor before you try to sell it yourself. Create a video blog


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